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US Senate rejects bill to repeal Obamacare, huge setback to President Donald Trump

US Senate rejects bill to repeal Obamacare, huge setback to President Donald Trump

Senate Republicans failed early Friday to repeal the law known as Obamacare Health, in a blow to President Donald Trump could end the Republican Party’s seven-year repealed Act on Affordable Care.

Three Republican Senators John McCain, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, crossed the lines of the party to join the Democrats in a dramatic 49 to 51 vote to kill the bill. The debate began shortly before 13:30 (05:30 GMT) on Friday morning.

Republican leaders decided to vote on a reduced proposal to repeal parts of Obamacare, known as the “thin bill” after failing to reach consensus on a more comprehensive measure after the US House of Representatives passed its bill on may.

“This is clearly a disappointing moment,” said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell after the vote.
“I think the Americans lament that we have not been able to find a better way forward,” he said.

Republicans have AGAINST OBAMACARE
Despite Senate, House and White House control, Republicans have struggled for months with the repeal of Obamacare, a complex law passed by Democrats in 2010 under President Barack Obama, which provides health insurance to millions of Americans Which had not yet received insurance.

Trump, who campaigned for the White House with the promise to repeal Obamacare, offered no legislation, and little guidance in the Senate, despite the fact that he held them back because of his inaction.

A media spokesman at the White House could not be reached immediately to comment on the failure of the bill.

Republicans have 52 seats in the Senate and 100 seats McConnell could not afford to lose the support of two Republican senators, with the same vote to be voted on by Vice President Mike Pence, who was in the Senate.

All eyes were on McCain, who flew to Arizona after being diagnosed with brain cancer to vote, and served with Collins, Murkowski and Senator Jeff Flake, also from Arizona.

Collins and Murkowski both voted against the more comprehensive republican proposals to repeal and replace Obamacare this week. Trump chose Murkowski for criticizing, saying on Twitter that she had abandoned the Republican Party and the country.

McCain had before him a report before the Pence vote and Republican Senator Lindsey Graham. Graham had said Thursday that he had decided to vote for the bill after meager guarantees that House Speaker Paul Ryan would not become a law.

After talking to Pence and Graham for a while, McCain crossed the floor to tell Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer and Senators Dick Durbin, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar and Dianne Feinstein that they had their vote. Feinstein kissed as he began the vote.

Allegories erupted in the Senate chamber while McCain launched what is supposed to be “no” decisive.

Following the failure of the bill, Schumer told the Senate that it was time to hear McCain’s appeal this week to return to a more transparent and bipartisan legislative process.


Japan defence minister quits amid plunging support for PM

Japan defence minister quits amid plunging support for PM

TOKYO: Japanese Defense Minister Hawaitien said on Friday he had resigned in a scandal related to the long-term handling of military documents, in a political coup to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Abe, who has seen his popularity dropping in recent weeks in a series of controversies, immediately apologized to the nation in the saga.
“I decided to resign as a defense minister,” said Tomomi Inada at a news conference. “I presented my resignation to the prime minister and was accepted.”

Inada, a close confidant of Abe who shares his clandestine nationalist views, was named Defense Minister in August 2016, when he was considered as a future future leader.

But its nearly one-year status has been marked by repeated controversy, including heightened criticism of the Department’s handling of periodic reports by Japanese peacekeepers in southern Sudan, showing a worsening safety .

Abe, who became the prime minister for the second time in December 2012 with a vote to rejuvenate the Japanese economy has been hit by scandals and fools involving members of his Liberal Democratic Party (PLD).

“I apologize from the bottom of my heart to the people in this situation in which they resign a minister,” Abe told reporters after the resignation.

“All the responsibility lies with me, the prime minister, in the appointment of the ministers,” Abe said, adding that “he must take seriously the harsh criticism of the people.”
The latest setback was the prime minister claims he showed favoritism to a friend in a trade, an accusation he vigorously denied.

The public support rating of his government fell precipitously during the summer, voters punish the PDL in local elections in Tokyo earlier this month.

The party has suffered a lightning strike in the Tokyo Municipal Assembly poll that media and analysts have observed a growing perception of “arrogance” on the part of their government.

It has lost more than half of its seats, which was considered a symbol of the national political trust.
Abe must reorganize his cabinet next week to restart his government.

During her tenure, Inada delighted the Conservatives, but provoked national and international criticism in December when she was requested in a controversial war sanctuary in Tokyo – the day after accompanying Abe during a symbolic reconciliation visit to Pearl Harbor in the United States.

The Yasukuni shrine honors millions of Japanese killed in the war, mainly, but it is debatable to launch military and political figures convicted of war crimes by an international tribunal.

Days before the election of Tokyo, Inada asked the voters to support the PDL in the name of his ministry and the army.

The comments were the subject of widespread condemnation, forcing him to retract from Inada, which was seen as an important reason why the party was unprecedented in its survey.


HC order on compulsory singing of Vande Mataram sparks row in Maharashtra

HC order on compulsory singing of Vande Mataram sparks row in Maharashtra

The Madras Supreme Court ruling on the Vande Mataram chant triggered a political debate in Maharashtra with a MP BJP demanding its implementation in state schools and universities while lawmakers from other parties opposed to that measure.

Waris Pathan, All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimen (AIMIM) Mumbai member said yesterday that he would not sing the national song “even if someone puts the gun on the head.”

President and member of the Maharashtra unit Samajwadi Abu Asim Azmi, also said that they do not sing, even if he was “deported.”

The reaction is the result of a request from the high BJP MP, Raj Purohit, who, citing the order of the Supreme Court of Madras, said that the singing of Vande Mataram should be mandatory in all schools and colleges in Maharashtra.

The Supreme Court of Madras had reported on Tuesday the mandatory national song song in Tamil Nadu schools, at least twice a week.

Speaking to reporters outside the Vidhan Bhavan here, M. Purohit, the main scourge of the BJP in the Assembly, said Thursday that he would meet with the Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis Friday and request the latter’s intervention to all require the world to Sing the national song anyway.

“I am going to increase demand in the Chamber as well. I am going to tell the head of government that the government should propose a policy that would require everyone to sing Vande Mataram at the start of an event and Jana Gana Mana at the end,” Purohit said.

In response to Purohit’s request, M. Pathan, who represents riding Byculla in south Mumbai, said that a particular ideology can not prevail over people.

“I will not sing Vande Mataram My religion and the law do not allow her to sing Even if someone puts a gun to the head, I do not sing I will oppose the House request,” he said.

Azmi claimed that BJP was following the RSS instructions that would eventually polarize society. “I am a true follower of Islam, the song Vande Mataram would be against my religion and the Constitution, a true Muslim I do not sing, I do not sing, even if I am expelled from the country,” he was not told to the press.

However, the otherwise unpredictable ally Shiv Sena supported BJP M. Purohit.

Condemning AIMIM and SP, senior Seine leader and Transport Minister Diwakar Raote, they said they were “traitors”.

“They need to know (Vande Mataram) is a patriotic song that was sung by freedom fighters during the struggle for independence,” he said.

In accordance with the order of the Supreme Court of Madras, private and government schools in the Southern State should ensure that their students sing the national song at least twice a week, preferably on Mondays and Fridays.

The order also said that the song can also be played in other government and private institutions, at least once a month.

The Supreme Court also said that if a person or organization is struggling to sing or play the song, she should not be forced or forced to sing, there is always a good reason not to do so.


Armed Forces Fully Equipped To Deal With Contingencies, Says Arun Jaitley

Armed Forces Fully Equipped To Deal With Contingencies, Says Arun Jaitley

After the controller and the general auditor closed the artillery table factory of critical ammunition deficiency availability for the army last week, said on Friday Defense Minister Union Arun Jaitley in Lok Sabha that the armed forces Indians were fully equipped to cope with any eventuality. The minister’s comments are in the middle of the current border with China.

Stating that any shortage of weapons and ammunition was soon invented, the minister said that the CAG’s observations on ammunition were over a period of time.

Last week, the CAG had blocked the OFB because of a fundamental deficiency in the availability of ammunition for the army.

“The armed forces are fully equipped to deal with any eventualities,” and any shortage of ammunition would soon be invented, Jaitley said.

The statements come at a time when India and China were locked in a dispute over the Doklam problem, then there has been an increase in terrorist incidents in Jammu and Kashmir.

In a report, the apex auditor had also criticized the OFB for inadequate quality providing ammunition for the military since March 2013.

According to the report, despite serious concerns expressed in a high-level report on “Army munitions management” in 2015, no significant improvement has occurred in the fundamental weakness in the availability of ammunition and the quality of the ammunition. Ammunition supplied by OFB.

As for the CAG reports, M. Jaitley said that, under the procedure, after having submitted to Parliament, that they attend the Public Accounts Commission (PAC), and makes recommendations, steps will be taken.

“If the action is to be taken, it was adopted,” said M. Jaitley in response to questions about whether action would be taken against officials of the observations in the CAG report.

If a member wanted to know the amount of ammunition required and other details, M. Jaitley said it was better that the public interest does not make such disclosure.

In response to questions, Defense Minister Subhash Bhamre assured the House that no artillery factory would be closed and that no one would be made unemployed.

As for strategic alliances in the defense sector, Mr. Jaitley said that he intended to institutionalize a transparent, objective and functional system to encourage greater private sector participation in the fabrication of defense platforms and equipment.

In addition, the government approved a proposal for the production of ammunition for the Indian Army by the Indian industry, he said.

In this regard, Mr Jaitley said that the request for proposal or request for proposal as part of an investigation was published in March.

“Given that the proposal is currently at the stage of grant authorization for a private company for the manufacture of ammunition in foreign companies with foreign suppliers / companies that have been blacklisted / banned for false acts / corruption, Does not arise, “said the minister.

In addition, M. Jaitley said that the Defense Procurement Procedure (DPP) and the Defense Procurement Manual (DPM) contain provisions in the standard contract terms for the use of undue influence, including the Seller without permission.

“DPP / DPM also provides the performance of a pre-contract integrity pact in order to ensure that the procurement process is free from any illegal commercial practices,” he added.


Abuse of anti-dowry law: Supreme Court says no arrest till charges verified

Abuse of anti-dowry law: Supreme Court says no arrest till charges verified


The Supreme Court has expressed concern about the “abuse” of antidéputée law and ordered that no arrests are normally carried out without verifying the allegations as a violation of innocent human rights can not be torn.

The apex cut, which adopted a set of guidelines for the treatment of claims under article 498 A (subjecting a married woman to cruelty) of the CPI, including the establishment of family protection committees in each district, Noted that many of these complaints are not beneficial and “no call for detention” can ruin settlement possibilities.

He observed that the highest court had previously observed that a serious examination of the provision is justified and sometimes such claims cause unnecessary harassment not only of the defendant but also of the applicant.

“We are aware of the purpose for which it is available (498 A of IPC) has been introduced into the law. At the same time, the violation of innocent human rights can not be uprooted.

Some insensitive assurances against persecution or investigation were handled by the court. However, the problem continues to a large extent, “said Judge Adarsh Kumar Goel and U U Lalit.

The highest court ordered that in each district one or more social protection committees are made by the DLSA’s legal services and any complaints received by the police or judge under this provision are mentioned and reviewed by the committee.

He said that the construction and operation of this committee, which would preferably include three members, may be reviewed from time to time and at least once a year by the district judge and district sessions in question.
The court said that these committees could be constituted legal volunteers, social workers, retirees, officers’ wives and other persons considered fit and willing.

He also said that the committee would not be called as witnesses in these cases and that the panel could have interactions with the parties involved in such cases, in person or by other means of communication.

“The report of this committee will be given the authority that the complaint has been returned within one month from the date of receipt of the complaint.The committee can give its brief report on the factual aspects and their opinion on the subject .

If the committee report is not received, no detention should normally be made, “the court said. He said the committee’s report would then be considered by the investigator or magistrate on his own merits.


Al-Qaeda sets up Valley wing with Chandigarh college dropout as chief

Al-Qaeda sets up Valley wing with Chandigarh college dropout as chief

Zakir Rashid Bhat, a commander of the Hizb-ul-Mujahideen division based in southern Kashmir, was named chief of Al Qaeda in the new branch of the Indian subcontinent to the state, Ghazwat Ansar-ul-Hind, the ‘ Terrorist group announced Thursday.

The announcement marks the first time the group has established a Kashmir subsidiary, but Indian police and intelligence officials said it would have little impact on the ground.

“Jihad in Kashmir has reached a stage of recovery while the Muslim nation of Kashmir has pledged to carry the flag of jihad to repel the aggression native tyrannical invaders,” said the Islamic world al-Qaeda news release.

Bhat had appeared in a video in May under the banner of Al Qaeda, accused of cowardly Indian Muslims and called them to participate in jihad against the government. Earlier this month, the Urdu-language magazine Nawa-i Afghanistan Jihad al-Qaeda had also published an article referring to the Musa group.

Ghazwa-e-Hind, the new organization bears his name, is a prophecy attributed, in some Islamic traditions, Prophet Muhammad proclaiming a victorious army of the West will establish Islam in India before the Day of Judgment.

It is unclear whether Ansar-ul-Hind Ghazwat is operating under the umbrella of Al Qaeda in the Indian subcontinent, led by Uchahran Pradesh, born Sana-ul-Haq, and will report directly to Head of Organization Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Haq has long been a champion of the linkage of jihad in Kashmir with the greater Jihadist cause of the Pan-Indies.

Few in establishing security in India, however, saw the importance of the news. Lee: There is no room for the Islamic state, al-Qaeda, said the head of Hizbul Mujahideen Syed Salahuddin. Click here.

“Frankly, it was disconcerting its meaning,” said a former police officer in southern Kashmir. “The Bhat break group includes maybe half a dozen people, with few guns and sources of funding. It’s a dead man walking.”

Intelligence sources in Delhi agreed with the police assessment. “Al Qaeda has no supply chain or control line facilities to power units operating in Kashmir, unlike the Lashkar-e-Taiba,” he said. “This is an effort to reach the young people of Kashmir attracted global jihadism via the Internet.”

The group, according to intelligence sources, wanted to join the Lashkar-e-Taiba commander for southern Kashmir, hitherto only known by the pseudonym of Abu Dujanah to announce the creation of the new Al Qaeda group on 8 June. The meeting had to be canceled after launch search operations to its likely sites, an intelligence official said.

Dujanah of control expelled in Lashkar’s middle tier accusations of being too closely with double the police, Muhammad Yusuf Dar, is also believed to have considered the creation of an independent organization.

Dar died earlier this year after the Lashkar commanders discovered that he had betrayed a series of fidayeen operations to the police in exchange for his own safety and that of Dujanah.

The report of the commander of Lashkar with his organization, according to intelligence sources, also agitated after his request for Rs 7 lakh to transfer his wife, a resident of the village of Harkripora in southern Kashmir, was rejected by the organization.


Live Cricket Score, India vs Sri Lanka, 1st Test, Day 3: India Lead By 365 Runs As Rain Stops Play

Live Cricket Score, India vs Sri Lanka, 1st Test, Day 3: India Lead By 365 Runs As Rain Stops Play

Ravindra Jadeja collected three windows while India has given Sri Lanka 291 on day 3 of the first test in Galle. Sri Lanka fell to 10 men after losing Asela Gunaratne who broke his thumb by scoring on Day 1.

India, which made 600 in its first innings, took an advantage of 309 points after deciding not to implement monitoring. For Sri Lanka, Dilruwan Perera remained undefeated in 92, while Angelo Mathews made 83.

Real-time update between India and Sri Lanka, day 3, directly Galle
14:23 IST: More blankets arrive in Galle.

14:12 IST: RAIN stops playing in Galle. India 56/2, run by 365 races
14:11 IST: WICKET! Lahiru Kumara Cheteshwar Pujara fired for 15 runs. India 56/2, run by 365 runs.

14:08 IST: Ground staff prepares. Dark clouds on the stage.
14:00 ITS: 50 for India. Drive for 359 races
13:50 IST: India led by 354 races. Virat Kohli when he declared rides in India – today or tomorrow?

13:37 IST: FOUR! Abhinav Mukund wins halfway and sends the ball to the fence. Excellent location on the left. India 42/1, led by 351 races.
13:32 IST: FOUR! Beauty Pujara. The left-handed guide Nuwan Pradeep to Show Sweeper for a limit. India 36/1, led by 345 runs.

13:25 IST: FOUR! Cheteshwar Pujara uses rhythm and agitated balls deep in the leg. Excellent work of feet of the law. India 30/1, led by 339 races.
13:23 IST: FOUR! Excellent shooter Abhinav Mukund.

The left side and the back foot hit the ball backwards. India 26/1, led by 335 runs.
13:14 IST: Cheteshwar Pujara is the new man in the fold.

13:12 IST: WICKET! Dilruwan Perera gets the breakthrough, Shikhar Dhawan steps away from 14 runs. India 19/0, led by 328 runs.

13:11 IST: Shikhar Dhawan is on fire! He stands and sends Dilruwan Perera to the square of the window of a limit. India 18/0, led by 327 runs.

13:06 IST: FOUR! Shikhar Dhawan looks and drives the ball through the deck. Excellent shot from the left. India 12/0, led by 321 races.
13:04 IST: FOUR! Abhinav Mukund sends Dilruwan Perera to the square of the window. India 8/0, led by 317 races.

13:01 IST: FOUR! Second shifts first limit of India. Shikhar Dhawan stand back and cut the ball deep into the backspace for a limit. India 4/0, led by 313 races.

13:00 ITS: An important asset BPN Nuwan Pradeep. The Referee was out.
24:58 IST: Shikhar Dhawan and Abhinav Mukund head halfway.
24:52 IST: UPDATE: India has not implemented monitoring. India fight again.
24:49 IST INDIA SOURCE OUT for Sri Lanka 291.

24:48 IST: WICKET! Jadeja Lahiru Kumara castles for 2 races. Sri Lanka 291/9
24:41 IST: Welcome back! Team India is stealthily. Both hit Sri Lanka – Dilruwan Perera and Lahiru Kumara – head halfway.
24:03 IST: this is a lunch! Sri Lanka 289/8, trail for 311 races.


Congress says BJP is using cops to woo away their MLAs in Gujarat

Congress says BJP is using cops to woo away their MLAs in Gujarat


Congress imposed a very serious accusation against the BJP today. He said the BJP reduced its lawmakers in Gujarat before the next Rajya Sabha elections.

The issue was raised in Rajya Sabha by the opposition deputy, Congress Anand Sharma. He accused the BJP of using the police to strip congressional lawmakers in Gujarat.

“If you are in government, who will fly the deputies?” Sharma was interrogated.
Yesterday, three members of Congress, including the main whip party, Balwantsinh Rajput, left the party.

Rajput immediately offered a ticket for the BJP to participate in the Rajya Sabha state elections. This, Congress quoted as a clear example of the BJP orchestrating “desertions.”

“One MLA, PI Patel after a CLP meeting, went to the residence of another axis of action for tea. There was a district superintendent of police and told him that he would not receive the Congress ticket.

Now your Gujarat police decide Congress will give you a ticket? “Question Ghulam Nabi Azad visibly angry. Patel resigned Congress in the past.

Azad alleged that the district superintendent of the district in question was in jail on meeting charges and is currently released on bail.

In reaction to this, Parshottam Rupala, Minister of Gujarat Union, stranded, “This is an internal matter of the Congress.” His LOP Gujarat leaves the party, deputies leave their country They vote for the presidential elections Why do they complain here? Why is it spread Gujarat?

Congress asked the President, Rajya Sabha, the leadership of the Electoral Commission to hold free and fair elections. Vice President PV Kurien said he could not do this and Congress should contact the Electoral Commission if they have a complaint.

Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi plaisanché: “Your problem (Congress) is your house collapses They can not handle your house and shout and not the neighborhood ..”

Rajya Sabha has continued to add to the interruption of the Congress on this issue. So far, five congressional legislators have left the party in Gujarat since yesterday. Others are expected to join the train.


Pak PM Nawaz Sharif Disqualified By Supreme Court, Must Step Down

Pak PM Nawaz Sharif Disqualified By Supreme Court, Must Step Down

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif must resign immediately because of corruption, the country’s Supreme Court ruled today that five judges unanimously disqualified as a Member of Parliament.

“He is no longer eligible to be a member of parliament and ceases to be honest to occupy the post of prime minister,” the judge said the court Afzal Khan Exaz. Its ruling party PML-N will name a replacement.

The Supreme Court rejected Sharif after a research group claimed that his family could not account for its enormous wealth. The national media have reported that a criminal investigation will also be launched against the prime minister and his family.

Nawaz sharif daughter Maryam
Maryam, Sharif’s daughter and apparent political heir, and her son were involved in newspapers

The Supreme Court had said in April that there were “sufficient evidence” to oust Sharif on allegations of graft including his family and ordered a research team to examine the matter.

The team of civilian and military investigators found that there was a “disparity” between the income and lifestyle of the Sharif family in their report to the court earlier this month.

Sharif was expelled on graft charges once before, during the first of his three periods as prime minister in 1993.

He has not yet finished his term as PM, having been knocked down in his second term by a military coup in 1999.

The controversy surfaced last year with the release of 11.5 million secret documents from the Mossack Fonseca Panameau law firm documenting the many rich and powerful exteriors of the world.

Three of Sharif’s four sons – Maryam, his apparent political heir, and his son Hasan and Hussein – have participated in newspapers.

At the heart of the case, it is not the legitimacy of the funds used by the Sharif family to buy more high-end properties in London through offshore companies.

The PML-N insists that wealth was legally acquired through Sharif’s family businesses in Pakistan and the Gulf.

The push against Sharif was led by politician Imran Khan and Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf, who said Sharif has lost “moral authority.”


Bihar Assembly trust vote LIVE updates: CM Nitish Kumar wins floor test with 131 votes

Bihar Assembly trust vote LIVE updates: CM Nitish Kumar wins floor test with 131 votes

The new Bihar minister, newly sworn, won the confidence vote on Friday in the Bihar Assembly. With 131 votes in favor, the JD (T) -BJP alliance demonstrated its majority. 108 parliamentarians voted against the motion.

Former Deputy Minister Tejashwi Yadav, said on Thursday they had the numbers to form a government. He also reiterated the statement by Father Lalu Prasad Yadav that Nitish had “content” unjustly several lawmakers JD (U).

After resigning as Prime Minister of the Great Alliance from corruption charges against the leaders of the RJD, Nitish has accepted the support of the NDA to form a new government in Bihar.

This prompted a number of accusations the opposition accuses of Nitish political opportunism since it had previously criticized BJP and Narendra Modi during the Bihar Assembly elections in 2015.

Bihar test floor real-time update:
01:20 p.m.: Tejashwi said that the people of Bihar feel cheated and insulted by this development. “It was a tragedy to moderate the public’s perception. If (Nitish) had to go with BJP, why would governments have four in four years?” He said.

13:15, when speaking with reporters outside the Assembly after the bankruptcy vote, the leader of the RJD, Tejashwi, said: “The mandate of the 2015 elections was Mahagathbandhan (Great Alliance) today the BJP CM Nitish Kumar and those who voted for them at the meeting insulted the mandate.

01:10 pm: Thursday NDA alliance has submitted a list of 132 MLA to the governor – JD (T) 71, 53 BJP, LSB 2, LJP 2 HAM 1 and 3. The independents with 131 votes in their talk, will now form The government with CM Nitish Kumar to lead the affairs.

13:05: CM Bihar Nitish Kumar won the test field with 131 votes in favor. 108 parliamentarians voted against the motion.

13 hours: Deputy CM Sushil Kumar Modi thanked Congress and RJD. “If Tejashwi resigned, I would not have been there,” he said he was at the meeting. “The mandate of the people was not to value the property” Benami “It was not ‘Benami’ the owner of 26 properties in 26 years,” he added.

12:55 am: Governor Keshari Nath Tripathi had asked prime minister Thursday to ask for a vote of confidence in the two days of interrogations. Live broadcasts of the house are prohibited and reporters are not allowed to use their mobile phones inside.

12 h 50: “Secularity should not be used to justify corruption. They are not compatible with people who make money through wrong paths,” says CM Nitish in the assembly.

12h45: “The Government will continue to serve the people of Bihar. We will not tolerate corruption and injustice,” said CM Nitish Kumar at the meeting.