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Manish Malhotra On Fashion, Cinema and The Unapologetic Glamour Of His Label

Walking along the ramp of Sunday night, picked up Aditya Roy Kapur and amazing Jacqueline Fernandez, with attractive drawings from the collection of designer Manish Malhotra. While Aditya was wearing a black velvet jacket with a black backhand, Jacqueline took the ramp in a clean net on the floor.

In an interaction with a few days before the end of the Lakme Fashion Week / holiday weekend, Malhotra expressed his way of knowing more about his fraternity friends, who point out that the idea has become trend-making sensation. “When I did my first presentation, purely emotional, Urmila Matondkar asked me to walk to my show so we had to make this film very successful Rangeela. And that started the trend shows in the industry.

Because I come from the movies, I had a front row of my friends, which now has become a norm. For me, more than the trend is the support of my friends in the industry that has become a standard right now. “What started as a design and Bollywood style costume with the film From 1990, Swarg, created A place for Malhotra as a fashion designer in their own right.

“In my 27 years of experience as a designer and stylist, I had the opportunity to work with actors for her shows, which allowed me to understand the nuances of costume design. At that time, if someone asked me a wedding I said I did not Because I did glamorous and elegant costumes for the movies. “” It made me popular among the audience that NRI, At that time, was very confused between traditional and Western clothing.

Yash Birla and Avanti Birla, asked me to open a store when I had never thought of smaller or label, but with much insistence, I opened one. But my mind and heart were still in the movies, “he said.Malhotra looked back on his childhood, revealing that he was never a brilliant student and his whole childhood was spent in the theater, watching movies.

Thursday is a free day and every Saturday was a half day at school, so in Bandra, in Mumbai, I would like to visit three popular theaters: Joy, Galaxy and Gemini. I’ve always been a big fan of Bollywood and I loved the actors, the music, the songs and the clothes they wore. “He was only at the age of 21 when Malhotra had his first internship with Bollywood.

“I was there, at the age of 21, when a photographer named Rakesh introduced me to Sridevi and asked me to help him in the movies.” The concept of style was nonexistent at the time. Offers to work on films with Sridevi, Sunny Deol and many other famous actors. “Malhotra did not accept that the first three years of his career were bad.

“At that time, producers are independent, so if a film flopait, the office would be closed and the soldiers would be used to recover. There was no place to go and I had nothing else to return, because I did not want to Join Case So I decided to give it all. ” For someone who has been credited with glamor without remorse in the film industry, Hindi cinema In particular, Malhotra acknowledged that Bollywood was stylish throughout the decades.

“Raj Kapoor sets were full of artistic influences, elegant costumes were great and all men wore dinner jackets.” Sixty years saw the resurgence of romance in Kashmir, Actresses wore saris in pastel tone, while the men rode on the jacket.the 1970s saw many great passes, peas and flower culture “” He said.