5 Reasons to Give Badminton a Try This Summer

With the 2017 World Badminton Championships currently taking place in Glasgow, Scotland, until Sunday 27 August, you can feel inspired to pick up a snowshoe and try out the sport. Here we are content with five reasons why going out to court not only can be fun, but also give a boost to your health.

1. burn calories

As the fastest racket sport in the world, badminton can definitely make you sweat! And although you can not be as fast as two times Olympic champion Lin “Super” Dan, a game of badminton will always move you and your heart rate. Even moderately intense training can help prevent cardiovascular disease, such as heart attacks and strokes, as well as reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes.

2. Reduce the risk of mortality

A large-scale study published last year in more than 80,000 UK adults also revealed that racquet sports such as badminton, tennis and squash are among the best to reduce the risk of death, and those who enjoy a Court play benefit from a 47 percent reduction in their risk of mortality than those who do not exercise at all.

3. Increase eye health

A study conducted in 2013 by Russia revealed that playing badminton could help improve eye health. The two-year study found that many children stopped wearing glasses within two months of taking special classes of badminton three times a week. The results of the Russian National Badminton Federation have even helped put sports on the country’s sports program.

The research also revealed that sport could be beneficial for adults who spend too much time working in front of a computer monitor, and that the effect of badminton on strengthening eye muscles has shown impressive results.

4. Get fresh air

Like other racquet sports such as tennis, badminton is ideal for playing outdoors in summer. Going out into the wild and absorbing some vitamin D can also provide additional health benefits such as improving mental health and reducing the risk of multiple sclerosis, cardiovascular disease, asthma and autism through A consolidation of vitamin D levels .

Do not forget to use sunscreen and look for shade when you need it to avoid the risk of sunburn and possibly skin cancer.

5. Be more social

A badminton match with friends is a great way to socialize, which has health benefits and more fun sport. Spending time with friends can help avoid loneliness, depression, reduce the risk of early death and help reduce stress levels, which can also lead to other health problems.

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