Armed Forces Fully Equipped To Deal With Contingencies, Says Arun Jaitley

Armed Forces Fully Equipped To Deal With Contingencies, Says Arun Jaitley

After the controller and the general auditor closed the artillery table factory of critical ammunition deficiency availability for the army last week, said on Friday Defense Minister Union Arun Jaitley in Lok Sabha that the armed forces Indians were fully equipped to cope with any eventuality. The minister’s comments are in the middle of the current border with China.

Stating that any shortage of weapons and ammunition was soon invented, the minister said that the CAG’s observations on ammunition were over a period of time.

Last week, the CAG had blocked the OFB because of a fundamental deficiency in the availability of ammunition for the army.

“The armed forces are fully equipped to deal with any eventualities,” and any shortage of ammunition would soon be invented, Jaitley said.

The statements come at a time when India and China were locked in a dispute over the Doklam problem, then there has been an increase in terrorist incidents in Jammu and Kashmir.

In a report, the apex auditor had also criticized the OFB for inadequate quality providing ammunition for the military since March 2013.

According to the report, despite serious concerns expressed in a high-level report on “Army munitions management” in 2015, no significant improvement has occurred in the fundamental weakness in the availability of ammunition and the quality of the ammunition. Ammunition supplied by OFB.

As for the CAG reports, M. Jaitley said that, under the procedure, after having submitted to Parliament, that they attend the Public Accounts Commission (PAC), and makes recommendations, steps will be taken.

“If the action is to be taken, it was adopted,” said M. Jaitley in response to questions about whether action would be taken against officials of the observations in the CAG report.

If a member wanted to know the amount of ammunition required and other details, M. Jaitley said it was better that the public interest does not make such disclosure.

In response to questions, Defense Minister Subhash Bhamre assured the House that no artillery factory would be closed and that no one would be made unemployed.

As for strategic alliances in the defense sector, Mr. Jaitley said that he intended to institutionalize a transparent, objective and functional system to encourage greater private sector participation in the fabrication of defense platforms and equipment.

In addition, the government approved a proposal for the production of ammunition for the Indian Army by the Indian industry, he said.

In this regard, Mr Jaitley said that the request for proposal or request for proposal as part of an investigation was published in March.

“Given that the proposal is currently at the stage of grant authorization for a private company for the manufacture of ammunition in foreign companies with foreign suppliers / companies that have been blacklisted / banned for false acts / corruption, Does not arise, “said the minister.

In addition, M. Jaitley said that the Defense Procurement Procedure (DPP) and the Defense Procurement Manual (DPM) contain provisions in the standard contract terms for the use of undue influence, including the Seller without permission.

“DPP / DPM also provides the performance of a pre-contract integrity pact in order to ensure that the procurement process is free from any illegal commercial practices,” he added.

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