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If you are preparing for the UPSC civil service exam next year, there will be a concert in which he would be tired of hearing – “Read the NCERT manuals thoroughly. “This statement can not say enough about UPSC civilian services. You can see all the specialized books needed for UPSC exams, but be sure to read the NCERT Class VI to XII books first.

The NCERT books are an important reference for the preparation of civilian UPSC services. It is very important to read and review the NCERT books for the preparation of the IAS exam.

Click the link below for the list of NCERT text books needed for UPSC exams.

This page lists all the books recommended for IAS exams, including IAS Prelims, GS Hands Books for IAS, Ad Pub Books, Sociology Books, History Books, Geography Books, Political Science Books and Other Books IAS review.

Reference books for IAS Prelims
Of the following reference works for IAS Prelims listed.

1. IAS Documents Resolved
Using WSIE-section papers solved you analyze the number and type of questions on different topics each year. You can understand the current trend of UPSC issues in this book.

Obtain resolved documents in the section

2. GS Manual for Paper 1
General Studies Manuel Mc Graw Hill is a highly recommended reference manual for all elements of the document 1. You can find all the information in one place and the information is very reliable.

Get the manual for 1 GS paper

3. CSAT Manual for Paper 2
CSAT Manual Mc-Graw Hill covers all subjects Document 2 in full detail with numerous questions and test examples. No need to refer a paper book 2.

Get the CSAT Manual for Paper 2

4. Manorama Directory (of MYB)
A good book of the year is essential for the preparation of the IAS Prelims standard. MYB is recommended for general knowledge information source. It is the section of international events is also very useful.

Get Manorama Year Book

5. Yearbook of India (AIB)
AIB is the official government. Publication and very important source of all systems and facts and figures relating to censuses and other matters such as defense, economy, agriculture, education, etc.

Get the book India

6. Oxford Student Atlas
A reliable atlas is a must for and Prelims area to address card-based questions. Oxford Atlas has a high quality and accurate maps of India and the world. Practice for 30 minutes a day.

Get Oxford Student Atlas

IAS books of topics for preliminary lists
In addition to the reference books, it is also necessary to read the IAS Prelims news books below:

1. The politics of India Laxmikanth
Indian book Polity Mc Graw Hill covers the entire Constitution – artciles, annexes and modifications – in detail. The language is easy to understand for readers. The latest developments in the policy are also covered.

Get the policy of India by Laxmikanth

2. Environment and Ecology Majid Hussain
This is a very important issue for Prelims and Sector and many questions are being asked of it. Majid Hussains book covers this subject in detail, including recent developments on climate change, global warming, several international agreements, and so on.

Get the Environment and Ecology by Hussain

3. The struggle for independence by Chandra
Most questions about the history of India asked the part of modern history and the best book is Bipin Chandra to address the struggle for independence from India. This book begins with the revolt of 1857 and continued until independence.

Get the fight for independence Bipin Chandra by

4. Brief history of modern India
What a book by Bipin Chandra, the brief history of the spectrum, covers the social reform movements of the nineteenth century, important details of all the independence movements of the twentieth century, and so on. It is a handy reference book for the history of modern India.

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